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1993 - 1996

X-Cops was yet another Slave Pit concept band, and the brainchild of GWAR guitarist Pete Lee.

In early 1993, the Slave Pit filmed several commercials that would end up in the long form video "Skul-Hed-Face". In one commercial Pete Lee and Dave Brockie played policemen. While filming this segment Pete reportedly commented, "What would be cooler than a bunch of cops playing kick-ass rock and roll?" Thus, the concept for X-Cops was born.

Originally practicing as a three piece consisting of Dave Brockie on bass, Pete Lee on guitar and Mike Dunn on drums, by the time of the first show, the group had grown considerably. Casey Orr had joined as lead singer, Mike Derks as second guitar, Dave Musel on keyboards, and Bob Gorman and Brad Roberts as singers/enforcers.

X-Cops recorded one full length album "You Have the Right to Remain Silent" on Metal Blade records as well as a 7" single "Beat You Down/ Junkie" on Man's Ruin records. They also filmed one video "Interloper" for a Metal Blade compilation.

X-Cops toured North America and Europe extensively, headlining, as well as opening for GWAR.

X-Cops played their last show in 1996.


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