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Danielle Stampe

1988 - present

Danielle Stampe joined GWAR in 1988. The role of "GWAR woman" was vacated by Lisa Harrelson and Danielle fit the part, as she had previously helped the art department with various tasks.

Danielle created the character of "Slymenstra Hymen" and elevated the "GWAR woman" character back to her rightful place in the band. Besides performing onstage, Danielle fabricated her own costumes, and assisted the other artists with fabrication duties.

Danielle's pioneering use of fire on stage, in dancing and flame throwing, greatly increased the visual appeal of GWAR.

In 1998, Danielle moved to Los Angeles, CA to pursue her personal career, but retained her GWAR status by rejoining GWAR for each major work cycle, video or tour.

Danielle's increasing appearances in carnivals, sideshows, or carnival type functions lead her to form her own "Girly Freakshow" consisting of her own characters and performance abilities as well as a revolving cast of performers, such as the "Torture King" and "Pain-Proof Rubber Girls". In 2001-2002, the "Girly Freakshow" did two coast to coast tours of North America. Danielle then rejoined GWAR for "The Bitch is Back" Halloween tour 2002.

Danielle still performs with GWAR when her busy schedule permits.


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